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Rama Cervelo Aspero

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As gravel bikes have grown in popularity over the past few years, the amount of variation has similarly grown. Burly, overbuilt bikes for the adventurous among us have sprung up left and right, as have gravel bikes that are little more than road bikes with just-enough tire clearance. Cervelo takes a dedicated stand with the Cervelo Aspero Frameset gravel bike, a gravel bike made for speed above else.

There is not a ton here: three bottle cage mounts, as well as a hidden bento box mount on the top tube are standard fare. There’s also flexibility for 1x and 2x drivetrains, internal cable routing for both mechanical and electronic setups, and a bottom bracket protector for baby rock dings. There really isn’t anything weird or out of the ordinary; no proprietary seatpost, no proprietary handlebars, no engineer pivots. Cervelo likes to say it’s stripped down with none of the fat of other bikes, we say it looks and feels much like a road bike, good news for those wanting something with quicker feel than much of the competition.

That’s where the “TrailMixer” comes into play. The Trail Mixer is a fork insert that alters the wheel’s position horizontal fore and aft by 5 mm. Flip it to the back for smaller tires, and use the front position for wider tires; either way, you’re promised the appropriate trail number, which Cervelo changes according to your size. Cervelo also sought to extend the bike’s front-center length, taking some weight off of the front wheel, making the bike’s handling lighter at speed, without the sluggishness that can come with a slack head angle. This allows the Aspero to fit a 700 x 42c tire or 650 x 48b tire with room to spare.

The Cervelo Aspero Frameset features a carbon frame and fork and FSA headset. The Aspero is available in six sizes (48-61 cm).



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